Many years ago, jackets have ceased to be a true masculine affiliation, they are happy to wear and women. For a while they were only relevant with a skirt, then made up a pair of pants. And now they act as a separate subject. If you decide to buy this component of the wardrobe, you can wear it with jeans, pants, dress. Sometimes jackets give way to their worthy fellow-jackets.

Fashion trends are reflected in the appearance of women’s jackets: the cut is improved, the silhouette and style are transformed, the selection of fabrics is changing. Girls with a fragile figure look great in fitted models. In a fashion clasp on one button and short sleeves. And an indispensable attribute is an English collar. As materials popular: tweed, knitwear, denim, flax. This is a win-win option in the collection for the office, and a jacket is always appropriate for free time. Models can be as standard length, and elongated. The high waistline of a trouser or skirt blends perfectly with short jackets.

Topical club jacket – blazer. The use of fabrics for their tailoring is more varied: thin, smooth, velvety, as you like. Modern jackets are simply amazing. Design and decoration of jackets are dictated by their purpose. This can be a rather strict thing, as well as solemn, festive. There are elegant jackets for events that will successfully complement the evening dress. Stylish models of jackets chained women’s attention, they certainly want to buy. In the modern interpretation of the jacket can be shortened, complemented by lapels, basques, pockets “Chanel”. The silhouette of a military jacket and the motives of “chic” are perfectly combined in an elegant female thing.

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